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Mouchak Bengali Full Movie Download lemambu




It was released in the year 1984. The film is a remake of the 1984 Hindi film Daku Aur Meye. The film stars Jeet and Joya Ahsan in the lead roles. Plot The story is set in the pre-independence era in Bengal. Jeet plays a simple clerk, Deben Chatterjee, whose wife is expecting a baby. Jeet is completely unaware of this news, until his wife informs him about her pregnancy. Deben is a mild-mannered and innocent man, who is a complete bachelor. He is unaware that he is the father of a baby. Joya plays a famous singer-dancer, who goes around singing with her band. She is getting married in the near future. The wedding is to be solemnized in the presence of their father, a wealthy landlord, and the family is going to stay at the house of a very wealthy fellow, whom the family knows only through letters and telephone calls. Jeet tries to make a pass at Joya on the night of her wedding. Joya avoids him, and lies to him that her husband is not a decent man and that she cannot marry him because of this. Joya and her mother come to know of Deben's pregnancy. In an effort to save Joya, Deben tells Jeet that Joya is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Joya's husband, whom the family has heard only through telephone calls, actually comes to see Joya's family. He is a wealthy but dull and pompous man. Meanwhile, Jeet's wife delivers her baby. The baby is a boy and Jeet is overjoyed. Deben now learns that Jeet is the father of his grandson, and is happy about this fact. He tells his wife that he has received a huge sum of money for buying shares, and therefore will now have no need of Jeet. Joya's husband and mother come to know that Jeet is the father of Joya's baby. They are shocked to see Joya being married to Jeet. After some time, Joya finds out that Jeet is also the father of her husband's grandson. She also learns that her husband's real name is Abhas and that he is a womaniser. As she realizes that her husband is a real womaniser and that he was having an affair with her for all these years, she promptly leaves her house and goes to her mother's home. Meanwhile,



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Mouchak Bengali Full Movie Download lemambu

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